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It’s The Difference Between Sugar And Sugar To Be Added To Food Labels!!

For many years, people have become more aware of the ingredients in the diet, especially in relation to sugar. But until recently it was impossible to determine the type of sugar, which is hidden in canned foods that you eat … that can be harmful to your health.

Currently, the only number in the table of information about nutrition – a label “packed in sugar” foods, which shows the total number of grams of sugar in the product. However, the US Department of Agriculture in the 2018-2023 years, the United States emphasized the importance of diet differences between natural sugars and added sugars. “If they replace and add sugar drinks, they add calories that do not provide essential nutrients,” – he said.

To find consumers the amount of sugar added to canned food – and “help reduce the severity of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease,” – Administration of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) introduces significant changes to the labeling of food. By 2023, every catering company will update the table of the information supply line “added sugars”, so that people can separate the natural sweetener from the bad guys.

What Does The Line “Added Sugar” ON Food Labels?

“With the current label is difficult to get an accurate measurement of the amount of added sugar in the food,” – says Amy Gurin, MS, RDN, the owner of the power Amy Gurin in New York. “This information will now be available at a glance.” Sugar additives – it’s sugar and syrup, which is added to foods and beverages for treatment or training. These include sugar, honey, sugar, thick fruit juice or vegetable sugar which exceeds the amount of sugar that you would expect of the same size fruit or vegetable juice of the same type. ”

The Line “Added Sugar” To Help You Eat Healthy Foods.

According Gorena, this change in the posters help people consume less than the recommended guidelines for nutrition in the 2018-2023 biennium. 10% of calories per day. For a man who has given 2,000 calories, this is equivalent to 50 grams of added sugar.

It also contributes to the confusion between added sugar and natural sugar. Although the sugar added to products such as honey, molasses, white sugar, and rapeseed syrup, sugar in foods such as fruit or milk, not so well. Fortunately, this change will be easier to identify sugar as compared with added sugar.

“Markers power grams of total sugar sugar, of course, found in ingredients such as fruit, as well as in applications such as honey. Gorin noted that the line is” closer to the X grams of added sugar “refers to the total amount of sugar from other sources. “. For example, in almonds, abrykosnym type, which includes things such as apricot, honey, sugar is added to the sugar in the sugar, but sugar in apricots calculated only sugar as the sugar in the natural apricots. ”

How Your Body Relates To Natural Sugars And Added Sugars In A Different Way, And its impact On Health?

Perhaps you do not know what is the main difference between the big issue is: sugar, is not it? Well, that’s not entirely true, because your body is acting differently, and how it affects your health.

In the natural advantages of getting other sweet foods, it is not so foreign food. “The natural sugars such as fructose in apples or lactose in milk, go hand in hand with other nutrients,” – said Gurin.

“For example, in fructose, which contains fructose, you get other nutrients such as fiber, vitamins and minerals from lactose containing milk, you also get a lime and many other vitamins and minerals.”

“Basically, the added sugar is pure sugar and can cause inflammation in the body when consuming excessive amounts,” – Gurin said.

Unfortunately, inflammation – this is only the beginning of problems. Excessive sugar consumption showed a long list of problems, whether it be an increased risk of weight gain, tooth decay, or diabetes, or a recent study, which is published in the journal. Circulation, a high risk of premature death. It can ruin your sleep. A small study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, found that those who ate less fat, saturated fat and sugar, do not sleep well, wake up more and spend more time in lighter sleep, Goren says.

“Consuming calories in foods that contain added sugar, you give less room for food for nutritious food,” – she said. “For example, 100% glass orange juice is very sweet, but contains only natural sugars and vitamin C, potassium and other nutrients, and it does not include an additional limit of sugar a day, but eating ice cream or candy will be used part of the daily sugar consumption. yours. ”

How To Go Between Sugar Intake And Increasing Consumption OF Sugar.

So, you know why you should limit added sugar – but how to deal with the sugar in your life to make sure you are in good health? According Oryna, a principle that should be followed is to get the majority of sugar from natural sources and as much as possible to avoid foods in bottles.

“I would recommend to have a full fruit, and buy 100% juice that is not new,” – she says, adding that words such as “drink”, “drink”, “make”, “punch” or “cocktail “. The product should not be 100% juice.

“In general, when it comes to adding sugar, I recommend trying to eat at least some sweets and desserts without sugar, not because you are confronted daily sugar added. Face!”

For example, if you find a home instead of a real chocolate powder powder (it is recommended to use bananas and unsweetened cocoa powder), it will be better. You can also try the healthy ideas of chocolates and replacing foods that nutritionists recommend for less sugar. Tracking symptoms and habits of sugar – it’s not a fun task, but it can literally save your life.

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