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What Our Sexual Voices Say About US

The first time I had sex, I was surprised, but two things in particular: one was that male condoms, if they opened quickly, could be shot in your face like a tight rubber band, and the other was that those sensational sounds that I assumed they came from All the mouths of women during sex, for some reason, they did not leave the mine.

You are sure that moany sex means that sex is the best. For me, the women who used these voices were surrounded by sexually harassed children. I thought they were playing the hero game, which of course meant there was something missing. Alpha Titan Testo

Over the years, I had other friends, but the decibel level remained disappointingly similar. When I was with Dave, my audio scene was still approaching the library. Although we talked about this and said that I did not need to be terribly cold, I could not help but wonder if he was looking at me during sex and thinking, “Is this something to silence?” 

I wanted to take a closer look at what I might miss. Are humans already predisposed to scream and, if so, what is the purpose of each noise?

Loren McKayon has been studying at Rutgers University since 1987. She explained that necrosis is a physiological response to exertion, a phenomenon that occurs in the body when the body needs more oxygen.

What happens, more or less, is the following: “In conditions of metabolic demand, the activation of the intercostal muscle to maintain pulmonary hypertrophy during periods of contraction in the contraction movement of the muscles of the larynx, creates a low sysstem pressure that prolongs the expiration phase of respiration and promotes oxygenation of the blood.The contraction of the vocal cortex results in vocal impulses. ” 

McKay went on to explain that tennis players often practice orgasm when they hit the ball from their racket and that trying to stop the sound can damage their play. “When you crush the necrosis, you have to use the energy you could use to stop a speech hit,” he said.

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There is even a study that shows McCain’s point. Researchers at the University of Nebraska Omaha discovered that professional players increase the speed of the ball by 3.8% if they have necrosis during filming.

When I read that, I felt jealousy; In theory, during sex, passionate people can add strength to their sleep.

This led me to Barry Comissaruk, a neuroscientist and author of Ecstasy, a man I know will have no problem distinguishing poetism from these mechanisms. “Without a doubt,” he said. “Sex voices are a physiological response to effort.” Retro Vigor

To tell me how the sexual sounds evolved from a small bite to a scene of screaming that we know today, he began to tell me a story about seagulls. “When the seagulls begin to take off, they explode with their wings,” he said. “Every time they turn their wings, he makes a sound.” Temporary pause for a dramatic effect. “Ah ah ah,” shouted Kumisaruk, imitating the birds. “The voice is synchronized with the movement because the effort creates sound”.

This is where I got it interesting: what starts as soon as it converts a simple rattle sound means much more, as I explained. A member of the squadron of gulls, who hears “ah ah”, will interpret it as a sign that a companion is flying.

“The voice serves as a kind of communication, although it was not the original intention,” Kumisaruk said.

The same applies to gender voices, he explained. It may have started as a series of small breathing operations, but has been adapted in the form of communication between partners. When exposed to a woman, for example, she informs her partner about the level of pleasure and pleasure.


“Sound is a representation of the intensity of emotion,” Kumisaruk explained. “If the couple is excited to hear their voice during sex, then it can be a rewarding connection between couples and encourage them to do it again.”

You have discovered that your lover can also be encouraged if you take off your pants and stare at him.

Meanwhile, it has become very in tune with all the unexplainable sounds that come out of people’s mouths. I was concentrated. Alan, in particular, caught my attention. It was like a waiter who did not require any previous effort. PaltroxT

The moans were in more places than just the bedroom. I heard them everywhere.

We feel when the food is delicious, and sometimes before eating. I just got a pornography about hamburgers one night. We feel when we receive a massage and the masseuse arrives at the perfect place. We feel when we extend our arms, and we give a little “ti” when the latte is correct. Why do we moan like this?

James Higgam, an anthropology professor at New York University who specializes in communication, asked why we return to the uncouth complaint in these situations in exchange for the use of articulate language talent, which we have miraculously developed over thousands of years of grueling development . In other words, why do pleasant sensations make us go to Neanderthal geometry?

In turn, explained the law of brevity. The lexical law states that the words we use are often very short words and that the words we use are rarely long. “If we want every time we want to speak, the word itself is replaced by sesquipedalism, the sentences against us will be ridiculous,” he said.

He explained that the shortest and easiest way to communicate, of course, is sound.

“I do not have to say,” Oh, yes, this is the right place there, do not wait, just a little higher, “he explained. I can be calm until I get to the place and go “mmm, there it is, know”.


So, it was not just an exaggerated physiological reaction or an old way of drawing attention, it was also an abbreviation, an effective form. This, a small crunchy bucket of extended vellum, began to look stronger than he had given it.

Another way to understand the importance of sexual sound is to investigate the cause of false women. I had never thought of it that way, but women would not find it difficult to perform such a performance if they did not have great power and influence. Mydxadryl

Gail Brur, professor of psychology at the University of Central Lancashire, is co-author of a study on false sexual sounds. In the study, which is not without imagination, he points out that “the evidence suggests that the voices of questioning women are not reflective consequences of sexual orgasm.” Brürer discovered that all 71 interrogators had falsified time, while 80% of the women were falsely 50%. % Of time. 

“They were doing a lot,” he said.

I found that women tend to pretend for two different reasons.

One is that they want to end sex. “The method tends to work,” he said. Because sexual sounds signal a woman’s partner that she has her own orgasm, he feels he can move forward and avoid tearing.

The other is that they want to give an ego boost to their partner.

I wish I had read this study before in my life. I have always followed the theory that giving your lover the face of silent poker makes him work hard.

Researchers assume that by increasing the self-esteem of the self, it will probably return to the second. The seconds can become a third. The more sex, the more opportunities to help our species continue.

In the end, I felt confused by all this news. In a certain sense, the lady made the sexual noise seem wrong. On the other hand, it has turned it into a wonderful strategy: as it has done for thousands of years, women have benefited from their vocal cords with experience and have become a kind of superpower. The use of false sexual sounds should come with the head and the yotar. With your voice, a woman can make a man fall in love and / or can come to that. Pryazine

But regardless of what we call voices, the message of Brewer’s study is clear: there are many complaints that occur when there is not much to question after all.

The only question I left, and perhaps the most important one for me, was if I really lacked something by not expressing any voice. Is the voice more than a simple communication, but does it actually improve the experience of sex?

“It’s clear that nobody died at all because of the lack of sexual sounds, but it contributed a lot to the sensational experience,” Barbara Barbara, a sex teacher and author of Urban Tantra, told me. When making sounds, you probably do not breathe too much, and breathing is very important for an expanded orgasm experience. “Every sex has to do with energy and sound brings energy,” he said. “I want to say that in a physical sense, do not go crazy.”

I always felt that I had to vote only if they were so strong that they could not be arrested; that was the only way I felt that my sexual voices would be real. The physical sensations, in my opinion, should lead to audible.

I have spoken with an excessive number of people: sound teachers, prenatal yoga instructors, fasting therapists, Taoist teachers and even a group of women who feel safe. They spend a large part of each day having orgasms. It was unanimous. Each of them praised the voice of sex. They were not recommended to do so to please the couple or to play an exciting and surprising role as the porn star. They believed that our unique voice, whatever it was for each one of us, could increase our pleasure. 

During the following days, I absorbed all this information and some sudden emotions appeared. Although the hustle and bustle had obvious advantages and it was something I had been waiting for since I was young, I began to feel good about my place in voice communication. I felt like one of the young people who should get up in a different way of life. I even thought about starting a silent chat room to support other silent sexists around the world. We can join and present the petition to represent us in Hollywood movies.  Climadex

But one night my curiosity got better than me, I decided to do it like a baboon.

Dave warned that things might be different, but he was not prepared for what happened that night. He laughed a lot. I laughed too. It was uncomfortable. I looked a bit like “Herman Be-Herr” trying to use a toothpick until you get to a large garden. No one has told me that it may take some time to find my sexual voice, but as with most forms of art, I believe it is true.

I talked to Nan Wise’s sex therapist and asked her why she did not listen to a lot of voice. First, I assumed that this woman could be repressed, but then she said something else that I found conclusive. “You may want to focus on your own feelings,” he said. “It can be a way of concentrating on the inside, for what is happening to you.”

I liked this reason it was echo. Vyantix Rx

When people become blind, their other senses usually stagnate, leaving them, for example, with the ultrasonic bass. Maybe if you are not busy having sex during sex, you have room in your brain to develop advanced sensory sensitivity in your vagina.

I’m not saying that I’m not a little oppressed either. Obviously I’m a bit repressed. I also refuse to do karaoke or enter the dance floor without first getting intoxicated with alcohol. I think what I am saying is that I will continue to experiment with the voice, I will, but at the center of my work, I am a silent resident for life.

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